Supporting Wildcat! SysOPs for 20+ years!

These are the connected systems in WINSnet. We encourage you to create an account on each of the systems and develop relationships with the sysOPs.

 BBS Name  SysOp Name  SysOp Email  Location  Web URL  Telnet:Port
 The Wrong Number ][ BBS  Bucko    Yorktown Heights, NY USA+
 Moon Base Camp BBS  Datalus    Cyrstal River, FL USA
 Alterant  deon    Parkdale, VIC, AU
 EMS!BBS  gnickel    Anaheim, CA USA
 After Hours BBS  Havok  Inverness,FL
 SlipStream  jeNQs  Oshawa, ON, Canada
 Manic Modem BBS  John Cameron    Union, KY USA
 Truck Stop BBS  Mark I  Warminster, PA USA  none
 The Nut Asylum  MentalBlock    Brooklyn, NY USA
 The Hobby Line! BBS  Mike Dippel    Sun City Center, FL USA
 Global Chaos BBS  Mike    Prittriching, Bavaria,Germany++
 CrNet  rants  Saint Janes, NY, USA
 Realms Online BBS  Romingus    La Pine, OR USA
 Roon's BBS  Roon  Budapest, Hungary
 The File Bank BBS!  rota    Cairns, Australia
 Ground Control  Starstorm    Jacksonville, FL
 Triangles Mafia  TheMemeWarrior    Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA
 TAK Software  Thomas Kloos    Murfreesboro, TN USA
 The Wastelands BBS II  Thumper    Copperopolis
 Starbase Discovery  Tj    Colorado Springs, CO.
 Omicron Theta  Wolfe    Southaven, MS USA
 Wildcat Prison BBS  Zazz    Mesquite, TX USA